Fire-baked potato velouté with a heart of Granoro Dedicato Rustiche, cardoncelli mushrooms, caciocavallo cheese and truffle shavings.

by: Vinod Sookar & Antonella Ricci

© Ezio D'Onghia Fotografia

Ingredients for 4 people
160 g of Granoro Dedicato Rustiche
150 g of cardoncelli mushrooms
2 fire-baked, white Polignano potatoes
2 ladles of vegetable stock
1 fresh white spring onion, finely chopped
1 clove of pink garlic from Trapani
30 g of semi-hard caciocavallo cheese from Ceglie in Puglia (or the Southern Apennines)
Shavings of black truffles from Castel del Monte in Puglia or L’Aquila in Abruzzo
Thyme, to taste
Fresh wild fennel, as needed
Granoro Dedicato PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to taste
Trapani salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste



Sweat the spring onion in a casserole dish with 2 spoonfuls of Granoro Dedicato PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then add the peeled and sliced fire-baked potatoes and two ladles of hot stock.  Cook on a low heat for about 7-8 minutes. Blend the mixture together, pass it through a sieve, then keep it warm in a bain-marie. Carefully clean the mushrooms, dice them and fry them quickly in a pan with a dash of oil, a whole clove of garlic, the thyme, wild fennel, salt and pepper. Cook the Granoro Dedicato Rustiche in plenty of boiling salted water, then drain and add to the mushroom sauce. Add the caciocavallo cheese, stirring until it becomes creamy. Pour a ladle of fire-baked potato velouté into four porcelain bowls, add the Rustiche with mushrooms in the centre of the bowl and garnish with shavings of black truffle.