Granoro Dedicato Cavatelli Murgiani with aubergines, anchovies and a sauce made with cherry tomatoes on the vine, flavoured with chives.

by: Vinod Sookar & Antonella Ricci

© Ezio D'Onghia Fotografia

Ingredients for 4 people
200 g of Granoro Dedicato Cavatelli Murgiani
2 Italian anchovies, skinned and boned
2 medium sized purple aubergines
1 chopped clove of garlic:
1 fresh Italian spring onion
150 g of blended cherry tomatoes on the vine
Salt to taste
Granoro Dedicato PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as needed
Chives, to taste



Peel the aubergines, cut into chunks and fry until golden brown in a little Granoro Dedicato PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Leave to drain on kitchen paper.
Melt the anchovy fillets in a large frying pan with 10 g of Granoro Dedicato PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, add the clove of garlic and the julienned spring onion.
Mix in the blended tomatoes, then add the aubergine, season with salt and remove the garlic.
Cook the Granoro Dedicato Cavatelli Murgiani, drain, then add to the pan with the sauce, cooking for a further two minutes.
Serve and garnish with chives.